Our School Uniform is available online from our Uniform Shop, except for our Girls skirts. These are available from Matron – please contact sarah.rowe@iesmail.com for further information. The new PE kit will be available online from August 2015. There are no uniform requirements for Early Birds and Nursery.

Kit lists can be viewed below.

Go straight to Uniform Shop

Current uniform lists are available directly from school.  Please contact sally.king@iesmail.com for the relevant list.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form do not wear Uniform but must adhere to St John’s Sixth Form Dress Code which can be downloaded here: 6th Form Dress Code.

Sports Kit

Please note: our new sports kit is currently in production and will be available in August 2015.  In the interim, please contact school if you are in need of kit immediately. 

The new Sports Kit requirement is included on our Uniform lists above.
All kit must be marked with the students’ initials as per our guide below.
Letters can be applied by Tony Pryce/Intersport in Exeter (Guildhall).
This service costs £0.70 per letter.  If you have a number of items that require lettering, please allow time to leave the garments with them for a few hours.  Alternatively, if the shop is not busy they may be able to letter one or two items while you wait.

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