Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarship Awards at St John’s are available in a number of different categories.

Headmaster’s Awards
Academic Scholarships
Music Scholarships
Sports Scholarships

ALL Scholarship awards are made on the basis of an academic assessment as outlined, plus, where appropriate, performance in a specific discipline, i.e. music or sport.
Academic assessments will comprise OBJECTIVE assessments, bespoke tests, a portfolio of work, a school report and possibly an interview with the Headmaster.

Please see attached sheet for full information.

2017 Scholarship Awards

UK Boarding Scholarships (UK Residents only)
A number of Boarding Scholarships for UK residents only are available worth up to 40% remission of fees.  Boarding Scholarship flyer

Our annual Scholarship Assessment Day is on Tuesday 31st January 2017, however Scholarship opportunities may be available throughout the year. If you would like to register for our Awards Programme, please complete the Registration Form below.

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