Color logo imageThe IES Mission is to provide excellence in education with an international perspective. As part of the IES group, St John’s School promotes the development of young people who will have the capacity to contribute pro-actively to the ongoing work towards a better world. Through dynamic programmes, St John’s School will strive to develop leaders for the future who are collaborative, communicative, enquiring, respectful and creative individuals with a passion for lifelong learning. Our students will be encouraged to integrate effectively in the local, national and international communities through the diverse opportunities afforded them.

In addition, the school also aims to:

• support and develop children’s ability and potential across all aspects of their learning, be it academic, sporting or artistic
• allow children to explore moral and spiritual issues in a respectful and reflective manner
• provide co-educational education for both boarding and day children
• provide excellence in all that children do
• create a safe environment where children can flourish in a caring, healthy and happy setting
• give quick, clear and constructive communication to our parent body and other involved parties
• provide opportunities for children to become confident, skilled and knowledgeable in a wide variety of situations
• provide an environment where respect for other people from all cultures is paramount to our daily life

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