Guardianship and Welfare

By law, all students whose parents are living overseas must have an adult guardian in the UK.  This is a person who has ultimate responsibility for the student, effectively acting ‘in loco parentis’ for the student.

Guardians can be a number of different people – either a family friend, a relative or they can be provided by a third party Guardianship Agency.

Guardians should be in regular contact with the student but most importantly, they must fulfil the following requirements:

Be able to accommodate the student in an emergency
Be able to accommodate a pupil at half term, unless the parents/school have made alternative arrangements
Be available to help look after students on their journeys to and from school – i.e. meeting flights and trains if necessary.
Attend functions/events at school if required by parents
Liaise with parents/staff about school matters
Liaise with parents/staff/student about pastoral matters

Parents should advise school immediately that Guardianship arrangements have been made and outline clearly the full extent of the agreement.

A list of Agents with whom St John’s already has a working relationship can be obtained by emailing

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