International mindedness in rural Devon

I recently attended a training workshop in Northampton, wearing a name badge showing my place of work. I usually attract attention for bearing a striking resemblance to Andy Murray (I have been... read more

Pokemon Go

Whatever your feelings about this particular app, it serves as a perfect metaphor for the modern world we live in. Technology has always been a sort of bridge between reality and the imaginary, bringing... read more

‘Real life’ learning through the PYP

Every year, we study 6 units of inquiry; one per each half term. For my class, the Central Idea we have just covered was:"In a government, people share responsibility towards a common purpose."At first,... read more

Matilda sets her sights on big business

As part of their PYP Unit of Inquiry entitled 'Economies rely on a system of production, exchange, consumption, goods and services', Matilda, Saskia and Cordelia made and sold 'slushies' at break time. Fired up... read more

Junior School Political Party Elections

Don't forget it's the Junior School Party Election day.  Ballot Box is in Mr Davies classroom.  If you can't get there but would like to vote, please email Mr Davies on and he... read more

UKMT Mathematics Circle Enrichment Event

Year 10 able mathematicians were invited to participate in the UKMT Mathematics Circle. This programme was designed to enrich the curriculum-based mathematics and stretch and challenge. The pupils spent two days at the Exeter... read more

Letter from Boca

To Mr Burgess and Ms Lee (and all St John’s students and staff),On behalf of the Boca Prep Soccer Academy, I would like to thank you for the hospitality and generosity you showed us... read more
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